Marriott Courtyard

by Marriott

The Marriott Courtyard project entailed the creation of renderings that conveyed the look and feel of the guest room experience. With great detail, we modeled the furniture pieces and room layout, drawing inspiration from the Marriott Brand to decorate and color the room.

July 2020
Project Completion
Denver, CO
JTB Furniture

At the heart of this furniture collection is the exquisite use of quartered birch veneer. The fine veneer lends a warm and inviting touch to the furniture, highlighting its natural grain for added character. One of the highlights of this collection is the tasteful use of rattan in the cabinet doors. Rattan, with its organic texture and natural charm, adds a unique element to the furniture, creating a visual and tactile delight. Another captivating feature is the subtle palm tree-silhouette headboard, beautifully designed in a light teal color. Inspired by the lush and tropical surroundings of Dania Beach, this headboard exudes a sense of tranquility and creates a serene atmosphere in the room.

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