Oak & Wicker Credenza


Showcasing the epitome of timeless furniture design with our latest Oak & Wicker Credenza - boasting a fusion of materials that seamlessly blend nature’s beauty with modern aesthetics. Its defining feature lies in the exquisite wicker drawer fronts framed in a natural white oak that serves as a striking contrast to the woven texture. The irregular weaving of the wicker not only adds a visual interest but also a tactile experience that resonates on a sensory level. A white oak frame elegantly encases the wicker drawer fronts, followed by the crowning jewel of this piece - the Calacatta Venus Quartz covering the top and sides. The luxurious quartz adds an air of opulence to the credenza with its subtle veining and pristine white backdrop.

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Line Drawing & Specs

Our line drawings follow industry standards and display the technical specifications of our fully-engineered designs. With years of experience in furniture manufacturing, you can rely on our designs following industry standards and respecting material properties to ensure the durability of your furniture.
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